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October 21, 2020

Evacuation Checklist

- Listen to the local radio stations and follow directions.

- Bring all necessary medications.

- Make arrangements for your pets.

- Bring any family disaster supplies (see Disaster Supply Checklist).

- Shut off your appliances before leaving.

- Turn off the water, gas, and electrical service if instructed to do so.

- Lock your home or buildings.

- If there is time, check on your neighbor who may need assistance, i.e., the elderly, young, disabled, latchkey children and others without transportation to a shelter site. If you don't have time, ask an emergency worker to check on them.

- Use travel routes specified by authorities, NOT SHORTCUTS!

-Keep your car windows up and the car heater / air conditioner off when traveling to shelters. Drive carefully and don't panic!

- Report to the shelter or reception / meeting area specified in the original warning.

- If you have children in school, they will be taken to a shelter, or to you. DO NOT go to the school.

- Law enforcement personnel will secure the evacuation area to prevent looting, but lock your doors and windows as a preventive measure.

SHELTER-IN-PLACE You may be asked to stay at home instead of evacuating to a shelter. This is called Shelter-in-Place and it means that it is safer for you to isolate yourself than to try to travel to another shelter. Turn on the radio / TV and follow the directions as broadcast. Do not leave or let pets outside until the emergency has passed.

- Follow broadcast instructions.

- Bring outside pets indoors, if possible.

- Get inside and stay there!

- Close all doors and windows.

- Turn off air conditioners and heating system blowers.

- Close fireplace dampers and vents to outside air.

- Gather disaster supplies (See Disaster Supply Checklist).

- Close interior doors.

- Go to interior room, down wind side of building.

- Seal yourself in by taping plastic over windows, vents, etc. and tape cracks and openings.

- DO NOT USE BASEMENT or the lower floors if authorities indicate as some vapors sink to low spots.

- Use a wet towel over the nose and mouth if breathing protection is needed.

- Use telephone sparingly. radio or local emergency services.


It is each citizen's responsibility to pre-plan a method of evacuation. If this is impossible, disabled citizens or those with special needs may call the Emergency Management / Civil Defense Agency at (812) 265-2648 or the nearest fire department to request additional assistance.


- Open the doors and windows to airout the building.

- Get out, breathe fresh air.

- Follow any other instructions that may be issued by County officials.

For additional information about preparing for potential terrorist threats, call the Department of Homeland Security for a BE READY brochure at 1-800-BEREADY or

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