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October 21, 2020

What Are Hazardous Materials?

A hazardous material is any material that, because of its quantity, concentration, or physical characteristics, poses a significant present or potential hazard to human health and safety or to the environment if released into the home, workplace, or the environment.

Drain cleaners, solvents, pesticides, paints, motor oil, dyes, and antifreeze are all hazardous materials that may be found in the home. In the office, furniture cleaners, paints, thinners such as rubber cement thinners and white-out thinners, white-out, and even the fluorescent bulbs can be hazardous. All of these materials and more, need to be used, stored and disposed of in a safe and proper manner.

When these products need to be disposed of they are considered hazardous waste. Improper disposal of hazardous waste has caused many problems to both human health, safety and the environment. For instance, workers have been injured by fires from hazardous waste which were improperly put in trash bins. Hazardous waste that is illegally poured down drains has caused damage to water treatment plants resulting in contaminated drinking water supplies. Improper storage, use and disposal of volatile materials has resulted in many people being exposed to hazardous materials in the air we breathe.

From industrial chemicals and toxic waste to household detergents and air fresheners, hazardous materials are part of our everyday lives. Affecting urban, suburban, and rural areas, hazardous materials incidents can range from a major spill on a highway or at an industrial plant to accidental or intentional spills, leaks or releases of hazardous materials in our offices or homes to groundwater contamination by naturally occurring methane gas.

City of Madison &
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Phone Numbers

City of Madison Fire Companies

Chief: Steve Horton, 265-8350

Canaan Fire Co. - Shelby Township, 839-4761

Deputy Fire Dept. - Graham Township, 866- 9465

Dupont Fire Dept. - Lancaster Township, 873-6111

Hanover Fire Dept.

Hanover & Saluda Township, 866-3713

Kent Fire Dept.

Republican & Smyrna Township, 866-3914

Madison Township

Madison Township, excluding City,


Milton Fire Dept.

Milton Township, Jefferson County Dispatch, 265-2648

New Marion Fire Dept.

Monroe Township, Ripley County Dispatch 689-5555

Rykers' Ridge - Madison Township, excluding City, 265-3113

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